Our Review

It got all too hard

Originally our plan for the first annual For the Masses New Zealand Election special was that we'd review each parties site based on design, usability, web standards (HTML, CSS and WAI). After all if a political party can't make a decent website how can they run a country? But it was a bit too hard.

Like some of National's proposed policy, most of these sites are stuck in the '90s. Using tables for layout, crappy over-photoshopped (Helen) or just plain old images (Winston), most lacking doctypes and using proprietary tags like ilayer are all part of the tagsoup our political party's sites.

A couple of honourable mentions

Note to Nandor - when going on an on about how great open source software is make sure your official website is using it, not Microsoft's IIS since 2001.

Sure ACT won't be in parliament, but at least their site was nice to look at and well coded.

Matt Robson, Progressive Party. If you want thinkers, not drinkers, you shouldn't use PHPNUKE.

Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party have updated their website and is now Valid HTML. A far cry from the old version of the site, which looked like it was designed and coded by someone who HAD smoked pot all their life, was blind and had no thumbs. Special mention to ALCP for having the best favicon ever!