Te News. (The for the masses News)
arrow I told you pink is gunna be the new black darcy updates. And from Auckland - check out emmerse

Don't speak for the elite: speak for the masses. Just one of the very interesting quotes over at factory512. Make sure to read what mschmidt had to say about Dmitry's fuck corporate thing.

= James :. July 26 | pm.

The New Zealand farming community are getting into the web in a big way. Maybe a K10Cow Or a slashDag Are just around the corner? In the mean time, here are couple of sites that ain't that bad.
Allied Farmers + Farmers Wools

= James :. July 26 | pm.

Green is good. The Package gets a face-lift. But Pink is going to be the new black. Trust me on this.

= James :. July 26 | am.

According to cddb the genre of my N.W.A greatest hits CD is "Techno" Excuse me? Easy-E would be roll'in in his grave.
Could someone please explain this to me?

Some nice fonts etc at Misprinted Type. It's got that inky B & W look which is very funky.

= James :. July 25 | am.

Best dam Photography site I have seen in a while dean zillwood
mk sur u txt pete@if7. And It has stoped raining in Wellington. Yay!!

= James :. July 23 | am.

Lots of pics at Photo New I think they want money though.
The most fun you can have with your pants on. Well that's what Dan think's anyway.

= James :. July 20 | pm.

yer, where back. Kind of. I have got a date tonight so taking care of For the Masses is the last thing on my mind! The new version should be up on Monday. If your lucky and if the PHP works

= James :. July 20 | am.

Have one last look around kids. Next week I hope For the Masses [0.4] will be up. With more of the same, but now with 50% more friends! I was going to do a blog type thing on the Auckland trip but I cant be stuffed.

If you're good. I may tell you what I said to TV3 Sports News guy Clint Brown at the Airport.

It was situation comedy at its finest!

= James :. July 18 | pm.

Not before I hop on a plane and forget about you all. Christchurch creatives are having Marriage of Convenience number 2 at the end of July. Thanks Nic.

Yes! These things were so cool when you where a kid. Bit of a lame site, but who cares. Bounce with me. And xtramsn aka Great Big Crap Site is looking a bit better on the mac.

= James :. July 12 | pm.





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